Custom Reports

When you need something different

... but the standard reporting tools don't do what you want

Sometimes you'll have a reporting requirement that you can't achieve with the standard tools. What's available just doesn't fit and doing it manually feels like really hard work. In fact, makes it impractical or even impossible.

Fear not, help is at hand. Our Reporting Team can create pretty much any kind of tailor-made reporting you need from your survey data. And if we can't do it with the powerful survey reporting tools we already have, we'll create new ones so you can get the custom reports you need.

Custom reports can include a range of different elements.

  complete branding and style

  boilerplate text and custom images

  charts and tables in different layouts

  comparisons with benchmarks and targets

  comparisons between different groups

  heat mapping to highlight differences and changes

Comparisons with targets or benchmarks, when matched with heat-mapping help draw attention to significant patterns or changes over time and highlight exceptions that need more attention. This allows creation of powerful management reports. Your imagination sets the limits.

Bulk reporting allows for the same report to be created for subsets of the answers, for example for every department, region, or training provider, all in a single operation. A huge time saver.

Custom reporting templates can project your brand and style for a specific survey, like a 360 degree or multi-source feedback project with many ongoing reports and can also be use for a "house style" across a range of surveys.

Run the custom reports yourself from the Select Reports page, just like with any other ReportGorilla report.

Report descriptions are provided for each custom report, just like for standard ReportGorilla reports. Having the custom reporting options set up, documented and automated ensures continuity. The knowledge of how to run essential reporting is no longer dependent on specific individuals, which reduces the risk of valuable know-how being lost to the organisation due to staff changes.

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 Automating a 360 feedback solution so it can scale

 Engagement surveys, for regions, departments and teams

 Branded reports and presentations

 Training Quality Assurance

 Customer experience tracking

We'd love to help you find the perfect custom reporting solution for you.

The Robot Consultant

The Robot Consultant takes the concept of Custom Reports one step further. Custom Reports involves creating a fixed report structure which can be used repeatedly for reporting of a specific survey, for example an employee engagement report for every team in a business, or a report for each sales region.

It is also a time saving solution for reporting multi-source (360 degree) feedback to many individuals receiving feedback structured the same way.

With the Robot Consultant, the construction of the report structure is not fixed, but dynamic and is dependent on the data. This makes it ideal for individual assessment reports based on collected data.

Different report sections are included or excluded depending on the data being processed. What's more, the specific content within an included section is also dynamically assembled, so each report is can be unique in both structure and content.

This allows the creation of data driven, individually constructed assessment reports at scale, using logic modelled on what expert consultants do using answers from individual patients, customers, trainees or employees.

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Recent comments

"That’s brilliant and exactly what I needed. Thanks."   Dr M Schmidt, Director of Medical Education, NHS

"I am beyond thrilled with the possibility of automating the reports!"   P Lehman - TG Consultancy

"Wow. This is just what I was looking for. Now I can really enjoy the weekend."   T Berntsen, iProsess

"I really appreciate your high level of customer service!"   L Kincaid - Mohr Collaborative