Customised Reports

When you need something different

... but the standard reports don't do what you want

When doing it by hand is hard work, boring or just overwhelming and isn't what you want to spend time on.

Or when you want to automate the reporting and get it done fast, so you can focus on adding value ...
... and not waste time chasing those annoying "asleep at the wheel" errors, caused by fatigue ...

We have a solution for you: Our Reporting Team can create pretty much any kind of tailor-made reporting you need from your survey data. Fast. And if you're not sure what would best meet your business needs, we can help with that too.

Custom reports can include a range of different elements, like

  complete branding and style

  charts and tables in different layouts

  comparisons with benchmarks and targets or categories of respondents

  bespoke charts, tables and images

  customised heat mapping to highlight differences and changes

Here are some visual examples:

Coaching Needs Assessment

Operations Efficiency Assessment

Rehabilitation Support

International Marketing Localisation

Advanced 360 degree feedback with GAP analysis

Comparisons with targets or benchmarks, when matched with heat-mapping help draw attention to significant patterns or changes over time and highlight exceptions that need more attention. This allows creation of powerful management reports. Your imagination sets the limits.

Bulk reporting allows for the same report to be created for subsets of the answers, for example for every department, region, or training provider, all in a single operation. A huge time saver.

Custom reporting templates can project your brand and style for a specific survey, like a 360 degree or multi-source feedback project with many ongoing reports and can also be use for a "house style" across a range of surveys.

Run the custom reports yourself from the Select Reports page, just like with any other ReportGorilla report.

Report descriptions are provided for each custom report, just like for standard ReportGorilla reports. Having the custom reporting options set up, documented and automated ensures continuity. The knowledge of how to run essential reporting is no longer dependent on specific individuals, which reduces the risk of valuable know-how being lost to the organisation due to staff changes.

The range of application areas is vast, including

 Automating a 360 feedback solution so it can scale up

 Engagement surveys, for regions, departments and teams

 Metrics dashboards, with or without trends

 Branded reports and presentations

 Training Feedback & Quality Assurance

 Customer experience tracking

Tell us what you're looking for

We'd love to help you find the perfect custom reporting solution for you.

Custom Reporting Portals

A custom reporting portal is a focal point and reporting environment for all reporting relating to a specific survey or set of data.

It's like an app which is customised to deliver all reports, dashboards and presentations relevant to an area of operation or management.

Everything in one place. Descriptions, samples, user guides and above all, the ability to create all these views of collected data with effortless ease.

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