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* Adaptive template: innov. Reporting template that adapts style to content.

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Effortless Reporting


Get instant reports & presentations. ReportGorilla automatically works out different ways to report your survey data without you having to say how. Just select a template and let ReportGorilla do the rest. It’s easy and fast.



Find the patterns in your survey data. Discover the human stories behind the numbers and reach the breakthrough insights that enable better decisions. With ReportGorilla you can be an insight wizard without being an analyst or survey expert.



Craft powerful stories with your insights. Find a style that works for your audience and enhance it with the insights that ReportGorilla helps you create with ease. Make your case for effective action that inspires and win the day.

Customised & Automated Reports

Looking for unique survey reporting?

Using a company report style or format for many surveys?

Creating bespoke and branded reports for customers?

Individual or team assessments & diagnostic reports?

Making lots of 360 degree feedback reports by hand?

This will save you time and increase productivity!

Here's an example:

Run the same report for any number of cases or subsets with just one click!

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Featured Display

We regularly feature interesting ways of displaying survey data

Net Promotor Score (NPS) by All Demographics

Net Promotor Score (NPS) by All Demographics

You have your overall NPS score, but what's driving it and what action should you take?

This example shows NPS split out by each "Main frustration" reported by users.

Powerful insights and implications for action.

How can I do this with my survey?
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Custom Reporting Portals

Unique reporting environments for recurring surveys

  Save time on repetitive tasks

  Increase staff productivity

  Ensure reporting continuity

  Tailor-made reports & slides

  Unique branding & guide

  Better control & outcomes

Here's how reporting choices might be shown in a custom portal:

Click on a report name to see thumbnail images of a report. Info buttons reveal more detail. Choose from output formats like Webpage, Word or Powerpoint.

Ideal for recurring reporting requirements. Save time and ensure continuity.

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Customers & Testimonials

Reduced reporting time by 60%

"ReportGorilla reduced the time we spend on survey analysis and reporting by about 60%"
Director, Consultancy

Clients love the clear charts

"I'm hooked! The fast turnaround is engaging and our clients love the clear charts."
Senior Analyst

Very easy to use

"ReportGorilla is a very attractive application and has the advantage of being very easy to use. It’s very impressive and I imagine it will be in high demand"
Head of Training

One-click reports

"One-click reports for one-off surveys and massive time savings on our several ongoing surveys to departments, vendors and division heads. A winner."
Project Manager

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