Would not hesitate to recommend

"ReportGorilla exceeded our expectations regarding collaboration, professionalism, customizability, flexibility to meet requirements for healthcare, and delivery on-time. We would not hesitate to recommend them."CEO, BrainFx

Reduced reporting time by 60%

"ReportGorilla reduced the time we spend on survey analysis and reporting by about 60%"Director, Consultancy

Clients love the clear charts

"I'm hooked! The fast turnaround is engaging and our clients love the clear charts."Senior Analyst

Very easy to use

"ReportGorilla is a very attractive application and has the advantage of being very easy to use. It’s very impressive and I imagine it will be in high demand"Head of Training, BBC

One-click reports

"One-click reports for one-off surveys and massive time savings on our several ongoing surveys to departments, vendors and division heads. A winner."Project Manager

The Gorilla can thump its chest

"I think the Gorilla can thump itself heartily on the chest.

If this is what ReportGorilla can do with a bad survey, then you have real winner for more serious bits of research."President, Chamber of Commerce

Views of our data we hadn’t thought about

"ReportGorilla instantly summarised our SurveyMonkey survey and gave us views of our data we hadn’t thought about.

Very easy to create reports." Head of Marketing, Asia

Very easy to see patterns

"Reports with built-in analysis logic make it very easy to see patterns and draw conclusions."Analyst

We can use more junior staff

"We can assign more junior staff to reporting and analysis due to the standardised format."Practice Manager

A very clever piece of kit

"It's a very clever piece of kit."HR Director

Functionality is fantastic

"Functionality is fantastic." Strategic Planning Manager

A powerful enabling tool for any HR department

"A powerful enabling tool for any HR department. ReportGorilla is very easy to use and produces excellent results with little effort or technical expertise."Head of HR

Quick in producing management action reports

"ReportGorilla was blindingly quick in producing management action reports."Director, Sales

Definitely be recommending

"Your support made it such a smooth experience and so much more useful to us. If either my manager or I engage with a business that is looking to do a survey we will definitely be recommending ReportGorilla."Fundraiser

Makes me more confident about what the data is telling me

"In half an hour I can do what would otherwise take me half a day. Makes me more confident about what the data is telling me." Internal Communications Manager

We found we could be more thorough

"We found that we could be more thorough and had time to evaluate many more hypotheses."Researcher

Productivity argument is immediately apparent

"The productivity argument for ReportGorilla is immediately apparent."Executive Director

Could see what we needed to focus on

"We loaded our survey data in ReportGorilla and in a few clicks had summary data for all our locations, trends of key indicators and a selection of relevant comments.

We could see what we needed to focus on and which marketing efforts worked for us - and which did not."Healthcare Practice Owner

Within minutes we had meaningful information and conclusions

"We completed a SurveyMonkey survey of our clients, but had difficulty getting insights with the available tools, so we exported our results into Excel to do it ourselves. This proved harder than expected.

We then loaded our data into ReportGorilla and within minutes we had meaningful information and conclusions, which we used for a management away day and to direct our process improvement initiatives." Senior Partner, Accountancy Firm