Awesome Automated Assessments About Almost Anything

An Assessment is a report based on only one response.

The Auto part is that it gets created instantly when a response is submitted.

Completely customised & branded email summary & assessment report content.

The demo below will give you a sense of how the process works. First there's a survey to collect some information. Then you'll get an email with a summary with a detailed report attached.

This example is based on an employee engagement survey. For interesting results, try giving low answers on some topics, like Compensation and Work Relationships, and high answers on others, e.g., Benefits.

You can try as many times as you like and see how you get different email content and recommendations depending in your results. The attached report is a placeholder for now, but it can also have result dependent content assembly and be fully branded.

Demo: Try it now

The range of applications for auto assessments is virtually endless, including:

 Qualify customers with instant feedback & CTA

 Team effectiveness assessments

 Skill and training needs assessments

 HR & SEO Audits & Risk assessments

 Trainer Feedback & Quality Assurance

 Engagement surveys for teams & departments

 360/multi-source feedback solutions that scale

 Branded surveys, reports and communications

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