ReportGorilla Pricing

Only pay for what you need - from $3.49 per report

Pay As You Go or Report Tokens. Choose what works best for you.

  Pay As You Go offers total flexibility and minimum commitment

  Report Tokens get you the lowest cost per report and faster check-out

Report tokens are perfect for high volume users and for infrequent users too.
Tokens don't expire, so you can buy them at the lowest rates and use them when you need them.

ReportGorilla is "infrequent user friendly". No subscription. Pay only for what you use.

Pricing for standard reports

Pay as you go

  No subscription

  Complete flexibility

$6.99 for the 1st report
20% discount on the 2nd report
40% discount on the 3rd + reports

Using Report Tokens

  Superfast checkout

  Lowest cost per report

Pay for reports with tokens
Unused tokens do not expire
Cost per report as low as $3.49
Buy report tokens here

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