Get the best value from your survey

The weakest link determines overall survey quality

How strong are these links in your survey chain?

 Asking the right questions

 Wording questions unambiguously

 Using the appropriate question types

 Logical question sequence

 Clear survey structure

 Knowing how to get the key insights

 A plan to turn insights into action

 A process to track outcomes of actions

Make sure all your links are strong!

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Sometimes you just need a little help

 A pair of expert eyes to help you get it right

 Talk through a survey design

 Reporting when data is in

 Help you meet a looming deadline

 Merging data from previous surveys

 Expert analysis and interpretation

Other times you need a complete solution

 Are you establishing a new measurement process?

 Collecting information to support a major decision?

 Or perhaps you just don't have resources to hand to run a survey project now?

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