Survey Design & Reporting Services

Here are the services we offer and the outcomes we support:

How we help our clients

   Creative measurement solutions

  Survey design guidance

    Survey reporting magic

   Experience and expertise to deliver the job

The outcomes we deliver

    Better decisions and effective behaviours

     Improved performance

     Do more with less effort - and faster

      New solutions for new challenges

Experience & Expertise

Our business is using surveys to gain insights that support decision making to improve outcomes.

Our survey and reporting experience and expertise and comes from working with many clients on a wide range of measurement and survey related projects.

Over time, patterns have emerged and taught us what works well and what doesn't. We have made the mistakes so you don't have to and picked up best practices we can share with you.

This know-how is what underpins the development of the ReportGorilla platform. The services we offer build on this knowledge and can be applied to your project and help ensure the best outcome for your initiative and effort.

Here are some specific examples of what our services might include:

Sometimes, you need help to create a completely new solution

  Adapting to a new operating reality, like COVID-19

  Establishing a new management or measurement process

  Collecting information to support a major decision

  No resources to run an urgent survey project

Othertimes, you just need a little help

 Expert experience to use as a sounding board

 Evaluate an existing survey design

 Designing or doing your reporting when you are stuck

 Resources to help you meet a ooming deadline

 Merging data from previous surveys

 Advanced analysis and interpretation

ReportGorilla can help you with these things and many more

One thing we have realised is that while there are many commonalities between survey initiatives, there usually unique or new elements involved and that's where the experience can make a big difference. In our vast history of projects and surveys, there will be something similar that we can draw on, or know to avoid.

Our experts will help you harness the power of surveys to best effect, whether you're a boutique consultancy or work in government, healthcare or a commercial business of any size.

Talk to us about your unique requirement so we can jointly find a solution that will make your project or initiative successful from the outset.

Let's talk

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

What does that mean in a survey and research context?

How strong are these links in your survey chain?

 A clear objective and statement of the problem

 Asking the right questions

 Wording questions unambiguously

 Using the appropriate question types

 Logical question sequence

 Clear survey structure

 Knowing how to get the key insights

 A plan to turn insights into action

 A process to track outcomes of actions

Let's make sure all your survey links are strong!

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