A Complete Solution for NHS Education Quality Assurance & Trainer Feedback

A Complete Solution for NHS Education Quality Assurance & Trainer Feedback

TrainingMonitor is a self-contained management tool for Education Quality Assurance in NHS Trusts.

It is based on a focused exit survey of trainees completing their posts and provides Directors of Education, supervisors & trainers, faculty members and Deaneries with practical reports and ongoing feedback so they can proactively identify problems and ensure effective delivery of high quality training with minimal effort.

Since TrainingMonitor is automated and customised, it is fast and easy to use, ensures reliable and consistent reporting, doesn't require trained analysts to run it and ensures continuity of crucial reporting.

Main TrainingMonitor Benefits

  Save time & effort on repetitive tasks

  Proactive focus on improvement opportunities

  Quickly pinpoint problems

  Fast feedback on actions taken

  Developed for NHS - Customised to Trust needs

Better control & better overall outcomes

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How TrainingMonitor works

The starting point for TrainingMonitor is a core Trainee Survey in SurveyMonkey, covering the main aspects of the training and education programme in sufficient detail to deliver useful management information to DMEs, supervisors, faculty staff and to the Deanery.

The TrainingMonitor survey is customised to each Trust and appropriately branded. In addition to the core survey, there is provision for adding questions on current trust-specific topics, for example use of video conferencing facilities, use of trust laptops, security issues or non-education related current issues that affect staff.

All reporting choices are shown in the trust-customised portal:

Click a report name to see how it looks. An easy way to find what you're looking for.

Clicking an Info button button shows further useful information about the report or presentation. "I forgot how to run reports for individuals supervisors. Oh yes, now I remember. It says how right here."

Reports are run at once with a few simple clicks and results quickly appear under My Reports.

From My Reports you can view, download, share and manage all reports.

All in one place

TrainingMonitor brings together the tools needed to efficiently manage a recurring reporting process: a documented set of customised reports, convenient execution, a repository for all your reports and an easy way to share and manage them, making it easier to focus on what matters and deliver high quality training and education in NHS trusts.

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Sample TrainingMonitor outputs (random data)

Sample table showing high level topics by grade, highlighting deviations from Trust average.

Drilling into Supervision feedback details by locality, highlighting out-of-band results.

Sample chart showing trend of overall Academic Programme Index by Trainee Grade.

Main benefits:

  Save time on repetitive tasks

  Increase staff productivity

  Ensure continuity of processes

  Improve reliability & quality of reporting

  Focus on vital improvement opportunities

Better control & overall outcomes

Key Features:

  Monitor trainee placement quality

  Probe GMC survey flags

  Trainer MSF (Multi Source Feedback)

  Produce LFG/Board reports

  Explore trends and change

  Customisable survey & reporting

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A Complete Solution for NHS Education Quality Assurance & Trainer Feedback