Automated Assessments

Leverage & scale up your expertise

Automated & individually customized diagnostics & advice

Get an individual's answers



Collect answers to diagnostic questions. When the answers arrive, ReportGorilla instantly analyzes the individual's data using your own bespoke, pre-defined logic.

Personal Assessment Report



Within a minute, each individual gets a summary of their results, your expert interpretation and a Call To Action. An attached report explains the details.

Recommended or Prescribed Actions to take



Optionally provide an action plan with individually customized recommendations or a choice of data driven Calls To Action. Huge flexibility with Robot Consultant™.

Live Demo - Try it out (3 mins)

1. First, a simple questionnaire to collect the required information will open in a new tab.

2. Then you'll get a customised email with a summary, recommendations and a detailed PDF report attached.

This demo is based on an employee engagement survey. For realism, try giving low answers on some topics, like Compensation or Work Relationships, and high answers on others, e.g., Benefits.

Tip: Try it more than once - with completely different answers - and see how the feedback changes.

Demo with Typeform Demo with SurveyMonkey

AutoAssess examples

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Operations Efficiency Assessment

Training Impact Assessment

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Assessment

School Sustainability Assessment

Startup Ecosystem Assessment

AutoAssess pricing is on a case-by-case basis

AutoAssess pricing is on a case-by-case basis and depends on your requirement, its complexity and volumes.

As we explore your use-case together, we also advise on how to achieve the best outcomes for your business.

A Zoom call is a great way to quickly understand what you want, look at relevant examples and answer questions.

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Assessments vs Survey Reporting

Assessments are reports based on only one survey response.

With only one response, you need bespoke logic to compile the assessment and make recommendations. Surveys (many responses) use standard analytics to summarise results, but that's no use with only one response.

Auto means no manual steps. The assessment is created and delivered as soon as a response is received.

It's like having a conversation with an expert or specialist, but faster and it works remotely. They ask questions based on their expertise, work out what to do and compose a report with their observations, conclusions and recommended actions. That's exactly how AutoAssess works.

Both the assessment and the delivery email can be completely customised & branded to your requirement.

Huge range of applications

The range of applications for auto assessments is virtually endless, including:

 Remote management skills diagnostic

 Mental health assessments

 Qualify customers with instant feedback & a Call To Action

 Remote assessment of cognitive impairment

 Well-being tests and diagnoses

 Recruitment and job applicant assessments

 Team effectiveness assessments

 Skill and training needs assessments

 HR, SEO and IT Audits & Risk assessments

 Trainer Feedback & Quality Assurance

 360/multi-source feedback solutions that scale

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