Automated Assessment Case Study - BrainFx

Automated Assessment Case Study - BrainFx

BrainFx Virtual Care Assessment using SurveyMonkey and ReportGorilla


May 8, 2020

Being able to continue delivering essential care in the era of social distancing and lockdown demands tools that are specifically designed for virtual care. They need to be administered in a standardized manner and deliver clinically useful results. BrainFx teamed up with ReportGorilla to create a remote assessment solution for clinicians using video interviews, a SurveyMonkey survey and advanced reporting.

BrainFx is an innovative Canadian company specializing in assessment of brain health to determine areas of cognitive strength and challenge. BrainFx provides digital cognitive assessment tools to clinicians across Canada and the US.

Make-invisible-visible with automated assessment

Like many companies, BrainFx faced challenges from the effects of Corona Virus. The changes in behaviour that have followed had health care teams quickly pivoting to providing virtual care instead of in-person care. CEO Tracy Milner and her team decided that remote automated assessment was the best way to enable their existing clients to continue offering their assessment services in this "new normal" environment.

Corona Virus drives Innovation

BrainFx's solution was to use video for the assessment and a specially designed white-labelled SurveyMonkey survey to guide the process and collect responses. More and more people now have access to video and BrainFx got to work creating the assessment in SurveyMonkey in order to be able to rapidly deploy the assessment to BrainFx customers. The big challenge appeared in the reporting phase, because standard survey reporting is not geared up to report on individual responses, which is what BrainFx needed for their solution.

"We set about looking for a solution and found ReportGorilla, who had the ability to create the detailed and customized assessment reports we needed and had the expertise to string the whole process together into a seamless experience."

BrainFx Virtual Care - Automated Assessment

BrainFx Virtual Care Assessment (VCAx) launched at end of April, two weeks after initial contact with ReportGorilla. Clinicians across Canada are now using BrainFx VCAx every day to remotely assess cognitive impairment and use the BrainFx Virtual Care reports to support planning of care programs for patients.

The BrainFx reports are securely delivered to clinicians a minute of two after they submit their survey responses.

ReportGorilla Automated Assessment custom email example

BrainFx VCAx report extract

The BrainFx Virtual Care launch release said:

"The challenge currently for healthcare professionals working in cognitive rehabilitation is that most traditional cognitive assessments are not designed nor validated for virtual care administration.

We are so excited to be able to offer this much needed innovation to health professionals everywhere. We hope that it can serve well during this time of physical distancing."

CEO Tracy Milner added: " ReportGorilla clearly addressed the gap between assessment with the individual and reporting for the clinician. ReportGorilla exceeded our expectations with respect to collaboration, professionalism, customizability, flexibility to meet requirements for healthcare, and delivery on-time. We would not hesitate to recommend them."

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