Common survey reporting scenarios

Common survey reporting scenarios

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December 13, 2018

Survey Reporting for Different Purposes

Surveys are used in a huge number of different scenarios, but there are some recurring themes in survey reporting. A few are described below and may trigger some ideas for your own survey reporting. You can click the green links at end of each description to read more about the reports used.

reporting for different survey reporting scenarios

As you discover more survey reporting and analytics options, you will think of new potential uses to apply to your surveys. The ReportGallery is a powerful way to trigger your creativity and kick-start your thinking. In the meantime, here are some survey reporting scenarios you might recognise.

Some survey reporting scenarios

  1. The executive's PA walks by and and says they are having a meeting in 10 minutes - can you share some headlines from the current survey? Sigh ... typically last minute ... but, no problem for you. Sure! Summary questions to PowerPoint, email to the PA. Done in a minute ... more about summary questions
  2. The main engagement survey report covers the whole company, but you need individual reports for each division (and maybe for each location and team). Make a 'for-each' report for each division (or any other category you may need to have separate reports for). A for-each report creates a separate report for each category using only that category's data. You can relax and let ReportGorilla do the heavy lifting. "It took you how many minutes to create all those reports???" "You're kidding? Then perhaps you could also..." More about All questions for-each reports
  3. The exec team now would like to compare results across divisions without having to wade through all the different divisional reports. Easy. For a higher level comparison, try Summary questions by Category, or for a more detailed view, try All questions by Category.
  4. You have been asked to find themes and patterns in the survey data. Hmm. Interesting challenge. Some issues are division related and require specific local action. Other issues are broader and warrant company-wide action, like a training program. See the patterns at a glance with an 'Overall Table by Division' report that heat-maps results by question AND Division. ... more about Overall Ratings table by Category
  5. The HR team wants to see the results by Pay Grade. (Word is spreading ... ) Choose All questions by Pay Grade. (Stand by for requests for data cuts by years of service and Job Role as well as by Country to see if there are cultural differences.) ... more about summary question profiles by category
  6. Each location manager is running an action planning session based on the staff survey results. How can we help them to focus on the main issues at that location and make the sessions more engaging and effective? A Comparative Summary report for each Location would show results by question within each each topic (e.g. My Job, My Team, My Manager) etc. Really useful for increased understanding and to inform discussions. What needs action? What can be celebrated or even shared as good practice. More about comparative summary questions
  7. You are in a meeting and are asked to make some impromptu comments about the current survey. You have your phone with you. Open the survey in ReportGorilla, select Summary Questions in PowerPoint and transmit it to the projector from your phone. Finish off by emailing attendees your slides so they can review them at their convenience when back at their desks. Get kudos for being a whiz with surveys. ... more about summary questions

Different types of reports work for different purposes. With ReportGorilla, it's easy to choose reports that match your needs and get them done right away with minimum effort.

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