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Use AutoAssess to demonstrate and deliver something unique your business offers. Like assessment of Digital-IQ, Remote Working Readiness or Cyber Risk Exposure. Or a social media or SEO skills assessment; or a mystery shopping report. Or simply use it to screen potential customers on your website and automatically book a meeting.

With AutoAssess, each survey response triggers an instant, branded and customised response and an intelligently composed email to highlight the results. Check out the demo and see for yourself.

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Custom Reports

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We can create pretty much any kind of reporting you need from your Typeform data.

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3 quick Typeform design tips for better reporting

Use question groups
Question groups lets you show that certain questions belong together.This helps give context and structure to both typeforms and reports. For best effect give your groups short descriptive titles.

Use consistent scales on opinion scales
Using the same number of scale points and consistent labels makes for better summaries and also saves respondents time. Also, avoid using more scale steps than a user can reasonably distinguish, usually no more than 5-7. Finally, consider starting scales at 1 rather than at 0.

Avoid long explanations in question text
If a question needs a long explanation, try putting it in text before the question itself, or even better, in the description field under the question (or in brackets after the question text, like this text). ReportGorilla automatically excludes descriptions or bracketed question text for reporting.

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Pro tip: Test your reporting BEFORE collecting any data - FREE

This is a powerful learning tool and best practice step when designing typeforms and surveys
We all learn through feedback. Even typeform designers!
Realistic previews with test data let you visualise results before collecting answers. You can see exactly what your reports and slideshows will look like, share them with others and get their feedback or sign-off too. All before you launch your typeform.

Using ReportGorilla previews as part of your design process
Just open your typeform in ReportGorilla and run any available preview. You'll see exactly how your data will be reported while you can still change your typeform design. Since previews are free, you can do this as many times as you need to until you get your typeform form just right, not just visually but also for great reporting.

Make sure your reports deliver the insights needed to help make better decisions 
No more: "I wish I had included this question or asked that differently" when it's too late...

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